MG Real Talks: The Hidden Challenges of Myasthenia Gravis

Members of the MG community discuss how they’ve coped with MG challenges in their everyday lives.

Everyone’s myasthenia gravis (MG) story is different, including the challenges they may face as they navigate careers, hobbies and everyday life with MG. In this roundtable discussion, three people living with MG, a caregiver and a neurologist share their stories of working through these challenges. A few of the topics they discuss include:

  • Balancing a career and MG
  • Working through changes in identity
  • Adjusting family dynamics
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Communicating their needs to colleagues and loved ones

Check out the video to hear more. And for more tips and perspectives from people living with MG, check out MG Real Talks: Self-Advocacy to Better Partner with Your Doctor.

Learn more about the panelists

Since his diagnosis in 2010, John* has balanced the roles of athlete, coach and administrator. He believes communication is key to helping others understand his MG symptoms and challenges, especially with colleagues who may not know what to expect.

Mary is John’s wife and his biggest supporter. Throughout John’s MG journey, she’s learned when to take the lead and be an advocate—and when to give John the space to work through challenges on his own.

Courtney* began experiencing MG symptoms in college and was diagnosed with MG after graduation. Today, she feels lucky that she was able to step into adult life and learn to live with MG at the same time. Her experiences have taught her communication strategies to help navigate stress, strengthen her relationships and build a strong support network.

Our moderator, Lauren, lives with MG and is a member of the patient advocacy team at argenx. As someone diagnosed with MG in her 20s, she’s made some lifestyle adjustments—including a career shift to a role that demanded less time on her feet. She believes the key to achieving her dreams while living with MG is knowing when to take a step back and allow herself a break.

Matt is a neurologist who’s worked with many people living with MG. From his first experience as a medical resident helping someone in myasthenic crisis, he knew he wanted to keep helping people living with MG achieve their best life. He works to support people with MG in accomplishing their goals—while still honoring their body’s limits.

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