MG is very real.

So is MG United.

MG United is dedicated to providing clear, credible information about myasthenia gravis, plus advice on the many ways MG affects you, your family and your life.

We kicked off MG Awareness Month on June 1st
with an amazing night of special events. Watch the replay now.

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MG Raises Questions.
Lots of Them.

MG United began as a conversation with people in the MG community. This is what we heard. And it's why we're here.


Leah Gaitan-Diaz and the Empowerment of Positive Thinking

This California native started taking charge of her MG by insisting on positivity in her life.


One Relentless Illness. Three Unstoppable People.

MG United members get a first look at a powerful new documentary featuring real people battling this mysterious disease.


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MG United provides news and information for people with myasthenia gravis, and the people who love them. But it does not provide medical advice. Always go to your physician, neurologist or other appropriate health professional for individual guidance, diagnosis and treatment.